Prague Pride 2017

We have a new shop and are currently working on new merch, come back at the beginnig of the summer to check it out.


Prague Pride official e-shop

We are Prague Pride, we are gay, proud, and we love the rainbow and unicorns as you do. Let’s check what Prague Pride can offer for your collection of pride souvenirs and to bring colourful memories of Prague to your home. You can choose from T-shirts, badges, socks and other accessories that remind you of your pride all year long.

By the way…

…We’d love to thank you for all your support you have been giving us since the very first edition of Prague Pride in 2011. We can meet in the Czech capital in the middle of August every year. You can explore a historical gem of Central Europe and enjoy parties with us. 

TipSock Miluju__

Sock Miluju__

200,- Kč (7,- Eur)
TipBlack leather bracelet

Black leather bracelet

150,- Kč (6,- Eur)
TipSock Prague Pride tangram

Sock Prague Pride tangram

200,- Kč (7,- Eur)
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